Wendy Joffe, Ph.D


I am a Counseling Psychologist and I received my Ph.d from University of Miami. I was a Professor in the Master's in Family Therapy Program at Biscayne College (now St. Thomas University). I was Director of the Family Life Center, a training and clinical center for 25 years. I have had my own private practice for the past 15 years. My clinical work has evolved through the years , exploring and developing a variety of approaches to best help my clients build positive, kind ways to respond to the emotional challenges they face in their lives. I love learning and being able to offer tools which can best serve my clients. I have been married for 38 years and have 3 grown sons, 2 of whom are married.

“I help my clients build positive, kind ways to respond within their relationships and to the challenges they face in their lives.”
— Dr. Wendy Joffe

As a psychotherapist and coach, I love to work with individuals, couples and groups towards problem resolution and personal goal fulfillment. I also love to help community groups and business groups develop skills and reach their goals.


I use a holistic approach in my work which incorporates energy psychology techniques including:

  • E.M.D.R (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

  • Emotion Code Therapy

  • E.F.T (Emotional Freedom Technique)

  • New Decision Therapy

  • Body Talk Technique

  • N.E.T (Neuro-Emotional Technique)

  • PSYCH-K™ (Psych-Kinesiology)


I co-authored a book "Stages of Healing: A Guide to Counseling Adult Children of Alcoholics” and have also written numerous articles.


  • Co-Chair of the Professional Women Healers Group since 1992 (previously associated with the Miami-Dade County Psychological Association)

  • Member of the Florida Psychological Association