Client Population: Adults, college students, late adolescents

Sample Therapy Issues

  • Anxiety/ Panic Attacks

  • Depression or negative emotional states

  • Addictive or excessive patterns of behavior, i. e. alcohol, eating disorders

  • Overwhelming stress

  • Trauma

  • Illness of self or family member

  • Loss of a loved one

  • Relationship Difficulties: marital/ couples conflict and communication blocks; emotional/ sexual infidelity; separation/ divorce adjustments

  • Repetitive self sabotaging patterns

  • Family conflict

  • Career upheaval

  • Unbalanced, depleted, or disturbed energy flow

“I appreciate your ability to guide and support us in our individual journeys. Your warm and energetic style creates an atmosphere where we feel able to support and build connections with each other.”
— Maria


I provide individual therapy to adults, college students, and adolescents for depression, anxiety, eating disorders, post traumatic stress and relationship difficulties. Together we focus on strategies for problem resolution. My purpose is to help you identify and remove personal blocks, eliminate self-defeating patterns and develop positive and constructive ways to meet your personal needs.

"I have been blessed to receive your help in dealing with all these changes in my life. I feel so much better." - Carmen



with a focus on resolving conflict, enhancing relationships and negotiating individual needs while developing more effective communication skills. Dr. Joffe's approach to working with couples incorporates some of the above techniques as well as conflict/resolution and imago therapy techniques. Dr. Joffe creates an atmosphere where partners feel safe to build/rebuild trust and learn ways to better express and hear each other's needs.   Under her supervision, couples practice new ways of relating to develop more effective communication skills and promote intimacy and caring.

"Thank you so much for your wisdom, clarity and practical guidance which has been enormously helpful to us.  We feel optimistic that you are there to help facilitate and cultivate our commitment to repair and strengthen our marriage." - Barbara and Michael

Download the article "Counseling Couples Through Separation" - by Terry Levy and Wendy Joffe


Women’s Therapy Group

Group therapy is a wonderful way to gain insight and consider other possibilities. Working in a group allows for sharing, feedback and developing connections with others. Group members have the opportunity to observe how others resolve problems, experiment with avenues for positive change, practice new behaviors and strategies and receive feedback within a safe, supportive setting. 

Each year we use a different book as a springboard for discussion, sharing and discovery. Some of the books we have used previously:

  • “Women Who Run with the Wolves” - Clarissa Estes

  • “I Thought It Was Just Me (but it isn't)” - Brené Brown

  • “The Untethered Soul” - Michael Singer

  • “Radical Acceptance” - Tara Brach

  • “The Places that Scare You” - Pema Chodron

"I never thought I would feel comfortable with the group experience because I have difficulty sharing thoughts and feelings with others. But this group is different. Participants have made me feel safe and welcomed at a time when I needed it most. I would highly recommend participation in this group or others." - Melinda