Get ready to take charge of your life.

Wendy Joffe Ph.D

Dr. Wendy Joffe

Psychologist and Personal/ Executive Coach

Imagine hiring a personal consultant for life -- someone with whom you can discuss individual relationship difficulties and receive help in identifying and creating what you want in your life. I want to be that person.



I provide individual therapy where we focus on strategies for problem resolution and aiming towards emotional fulfillment. I provide couples therapy with a focus on resolving conflict, enhancing relationships and negotiating individual needs while developing more effective communication skills. I also offer a women’s therapy group.

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Personal and executive coaching offers you the opportunity to focus on your particular objectives. The focus of the sessions would be placed on clarifying your individual wants and goals and developing strategies to accomplish them. Individual coaching sessions can occur along with or without your participation in a telegroup or group coaching workshop. The benefit of an individual coaching session is all the attention is on you and activating a plan to reach your goals.

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My Practice

Set in heart of Miami, my office welcomes you like your own living room. The space promotes a calm atmosphere and a safe environment for personal conversation.


"Thank you so much for your wisdom, clarity and practical guidance which has been enormously helpful to us. We feel optimistic that you are there to help facilitate and cultivate our commitment to repair and strengthen our marriage."

— Barbara and Michael



written by Dr. Wendy Joffe